My name is Cindy Brady and I am very excited to be sharing this wonderful book with you.


I am blessed to be a mature age single mummy of two gorgeous little boys Harrison and Beau. I used to be a corporate Operations Manager, but was very happy to hang up the suit for parenthood.

I was not aware, that Harrison had Autism/Asperger’s. I just saw a child scared of going to the toilet, screaming at the thought of change and needing something different that fitted into his predictable world. This book worked very quickly. He couldn’t read but he remembered every word. He even helped train his little brother too, who is also Autistic.

The objective of donating this book to Murchison Child Health is to enhance the calmness during toilet training for all New Zealand mums, who can then “pay it forward” to anyone in the world. 

Nicky Cooper set up Murchison Child Health in 2016 to support the parents she works with for children 0-18.  Nicky is a Rural Nurse Specialist in New Zealand and also a very dear friend of mine. My children also have many New Zealand relatives.

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