My name is Cindy Brady and I am very excited to be sharing this wonderful book with you.


I am blessed to be a mature age mummy (45) of two gorgeous little boys Harrison (3) and Beau (1)  . They are so much fun and make me smile and laugh out loud every day.

My intention, initially, was to write a book just for Harrison, but after sharing my story with other mum’s I could see that this book would help other children go to the toilet too.

So in between piggy back rides, swim lessons, dress up’s, wiggles concerts and building blocks, I was able to create these books for you.  As they can be personalised for every child,  you and your toddler/s can read along together and enjoy these books as much as my own children do.

I used to be a corporate businesswoman and manager for nearly 20 years, with a diploma in Management, but was more than happy to hang up the suit and strap on the baby bjorn for my new role in life as a mummy and wife.

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