How Does It Work
How Does It Work

It’s very simple!

Let your child choose when it’s potty training day.

It can be every day for 5 minutes or 2 hours in a row. It can be several times during the day or just at night.

Here are some tips to start your potty training day journey with your child.

  1. Read the book before nap time or bedtime.
  2. Leave a copy in the TOILET 
  3. Ask your child if it’s “potty training day” today as often as you like, as repetition of behavior is the key
  4. When your child follows you to the toilet, you should  quote things from the book every time, like
  • Mummy/ Daddy’s learning fast on potty training day
  • Mummy/ Daddy’s washing her/his hands to clean the germs away
  • Mum/ Dad did so well and got things right on potty training day
  • I love Potty training day

You can add words to the above like HOORAY, WOW, AWESOME, YAY, COOL etc.  And get Hi-5’s or whatever you do with your child, as that will be the best.


Would you like to know more?

Potty training day books concentrate on 3 things only to ensure success.

About The Book
Would you like to know more?

1/ The Child

Using Harrison’s name in the book was extremely important for me because it made him “the star”. When children are reading about themselves and hear their name, it’s priceless and it works , so I constantly repeat it on the first 6 pages.

2/ Simplicity

Making the book simple to remember is exactly what was needed. Harrison didn’t understand what to do and how to do it easily without getting upset, so I focussed on what we could see, do and find together and used rhythm and rhyme with the wording because it makes learning fun and helps sustain interest.

3/ Positive recognition from the parent

I realised that when I played games with Harrison, he enjoyed being part of it because the play was personalised and I always praised him when he tried and gave him lots of positive feedback.  For example, I would always say his name when we were playing. I would smile and tell him it’s okay if he didn’t catch the ball because we would just practice more.

It was okay if he dropped sprinkles on the floor when we made cupcakes. I would say his name, smile and let him know it was an accident , and we would just clean it up. So I decided to put all those words and positivity into the books.


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