Melinda & Daughter Montanna (under 2)

  • PURCHASED March 21 2016
  • REVIEWED April 7 2016

The book is working a treat as she did her first wee on the potty for me today!! Thank you so much, the book is fabulous.


Johanna & Son Brynden (under 2)

  • PURCHASED October 8 2015
  • REVIEW November 16 2015

Brynden did his first wee wee in his potty over the weekend, then he got off and clapped his hands!  Hi-5 little man, lets try and do that every day


Justine & Daughter Audrey (under 2)

  • PURCHASED October 4 2015
  • REVIEW December 16 2015

Our 22 month old just did her first poo on the toilet! We’re so proud.


Kristie & Son Liam (just over 2)

  • PURCHASED September 2015
  • REVIEW December 30 2015

Potty Training Day is a new favourite book in our house! most wee’s are done on the toilet now. Amazing, it really works.


Jaid & Son Jared (17 months)

  • PURCHASED July/August 2015
  • REVIEW January 20 2016

This book is wonderful.  We have had one for about 6 months and read it every time we put him on the loo. He’s now 17months old and home toilet trained, as he loves to go potty and read his special book.